You see this amazing matriarch?  Her name is Amy and she is one bad-ass mom who has raised two pretty awesome girls and is married to a kick-ass dude!  This family is the most athletic, fit, and active bunch of people I have ever met.  Amy and I work in L&D together and she is […]

I know a very special woman, she has the hands of a healer, the soul of nurturer, the voice of a cheerleader, and the presence of an angel.  She is a midwife, she is MY midwife.  Connie delivered all 3 of my children, and I always felt so safe in her care.  For those of […]

Last weekend we decided to take the kids to the beach!  Yay!!  I know, you’re thinking sand toys, bathing suits, sunscreen…Well, if that’s the case, you’ve never been to Bodega Bay.  I don’t think the sun has ever been seen there, well, at least not by me.  It’s always windy and cold.  Oh well, it’s […]