Welcome to the wonderful (and wild) world of parenthood! I hope you are ready for sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, and a little game called “What does that cry mean?” In all seriousness, going home with a newborn can be overwhelming, and if you don’t laugh about it, you might just cry, and isn’t there […]

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I get so excited every time a client requests a beach location for pictures. Living in Sonoma County, I have access to the most incredible beach views. From rugged cliffs to pristine sandy beaches, Bodega Bay offers so much for a Sonoma County photographers and clients looking for an artful, but natural backdrop. Bodega Head […]

Sonoma County Maternity Photographer

Welcome to the comedic rollercoaster ride of labor and delivery, where the unexpected becomes the norm and dads face the ultimate test of their stoic resolve. Picture this: a brave dad-to-be, armed with all the confidence in the world, ready to support his partner through the miracle of childbirth. But then, reality hits, and suddenly, […]

Motherhood is a transformative journey that begins with the flutter of anticipation, the joy of holding new life within, and the overwhelming sense of responsibility that accompanies it. To be a mother is to sacrifice, to give of oneself wholly and selflessly. There are several different phases of life, childhood, teenage years, our early adulthood, […]

5 pregnancy myths that I continue to hear from my patients With the abundance of information available with a simple Google search, I find it rather humorous that there are certain pregnancy myths that I routinely hear from my patients and maternity photography clients. I’m not sure where these myths came from, but I believe […]

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