Baby Graciela {Windsor/Santa Rosa Newborn/Baby Photograhper}

I began corresponding with the parents of this beautiful girl when her mom was only about 22 weeks pregnant.  They were so excited to meet her and they wanted to schedule a maternity session as soon as they could.  We met up when mom was about 35 weeks pregnant, and it’s a good thing because Miss G couldn’t wait to get here and arrived 3 weeks early.  I was lucky enough to be the labor and delivery nurse in the room when sweet Graciela was born.  Her mom worked so hard for her, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  It was great to meet up with this new family again only 10 days after their baby was born.  She has the sweetest disposition, she is so calm and quiet, and only fussed when she wanted to eat, then went quickly back to sleep.  Oh, and did I mention the great head of hair?  Well, you’ll see…

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