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Sonoma County Maternity Photographer

I get so excited every time a client requests a beach location for pictures. Living in Sonoma County, I have access to the most incredible beach views. From rugged cliffs to pristine sandy beaches, Bodega Bay offers so much for a Sonoma County photographers and clients looking for an artful, but natural backdrop.

Bodega Head is probably my favorite location for taking pictures, but it’s also a pretty scary place to go with toddlers and young children. The parking lot at Bodega Head sits high up above the ocean and there are very dangerous, rocky cliffs with the unforgiving ocean at the bottom. But on the other side of the parking lot you will find gorgeous rock formations and trails bordered with succulents. There is also a path leading down to the small beach which is only accessible during low tide. The variety of views available at Bodega Head make it a favorite among Sonoma County Photographers.

Sonoma County Maternity Photographer

Bodega Bay Locations

I went to Bodega Head recently for a maternity session, and to my surprise, the railroad ties used as steps are almost all gone. They must have washed away with all of the rain. It made the hike down to the beach pretty sketchy and dangerous. I’m happy to report my new knee is strong enough to walk (or slip) down steep, soggy hillsides. When I got to the bottom, I was met by two other Sonoma County Photographers and we worked together with the most beautiful pregnant mama-to-be.

Another breathtaking Bodega Bay Photo location is Goat Rock; this beach is at Jenner. There is a giant rock separating two parts of the beach. The area around the well-known rock reminds me of Ireland or Scotland. It’s so green and lush with the ocean right behind it, its a pretty amazing view. If you follow any other Sonoma County Photographers, you will recognize Goat Rock instantly.

If you are looking for a beach with tall grass, sand dunes, and easy access, then Doran Beach is the place to go. What I love most about Doran Beach is that you can walk right onto the beach from the parking lot. There is no hiking, no steep cliffs, and no worry about falling into the ocean. This beach is perfect for families with small children. The sandy beach is pretty flat, and there are always families out there enjoying a picnic, or flying a kite.

Check out Tripadvisor for more Bodega Bay photo locations.

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