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Let me introduce myself, in case this is your first time on my blog. My name is Michelle, I’ve been a labor and delivery nurse for 22 years and a photographer in Sonoma County for 12 years. I offer all kinds of portrait photography; this session below is a lifestyle newborn photography session.

When I tell people that I do lifestyle newborn photography, I get a lot of questions. What does lifestyle mean exactly? Unlike traditional newborn photo shoots with posed setups, lifestyle photography focuses on natural, unscripted moments in the comfort of the family’s own home. It’s about capturing the genuine emotions, connections, and interactions between the newborn, parents, and siblings.

I used to only offer traditional, posed newborn sessions in a studio set up in my home. This involves a lot of baby handling, crying, waiting, feedings, etc. While I feel quite comfortable handling babies given my experience as an L&D nurse, I could see the concern on the parents faces as their babies cry from constant stimulation. After several years of doing posed sessions, I couldn’t do it anymore. I want babies and parents to feel comfortable during their sessions. I want parents’ minds at ease that their tiny bundle is comfortable and comforted. And on top of all that, parents never need to leave the house. Anyone who has ever had a newborn knows how difficult it is to get out of the house on time without forgetting all the baby things.

Lifestyle newborn photography focuses on authenticity and comfort. It captures raw and genuine emotions, tiny movements, special fleeting moments, and your baby’s unique nursery. I always ask if you want breastfeeding pictures, which can be so special to have. And being in your own surroundings ensures you and your baby will feel comfortable and relaxed, resulting in natural, loving photographs.

What to expect

When I come to your home I will bring several wraps, outfits, headbands, hats, and other props to give your baby’s pictures a little extra fluff. I love earthy tones and soft fabrics. I can also bring dresses from my client closet. Moms, you don’t need to be concerned with fitting into your clothes or buying anything new. If you choose to buy your own dress here are some recommendations.

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