Oh Baby Shane!  You were such a dream to work with.  No tears at all.

It’s fun to play with different editing styles but I don’t get to do it with client’s images since I want them to get the types of images I show on my website.  So, when I want to play, I grab my daughter Bailey, who is always a willing model because she is giant HAM, […]

Yes, you read that right, we got a puppy.  After many years of contemplating and begging (on our kid’s part) we decided it was time.  When my husband and I were dating he had a rottweiler named Woody, after we were married, Woody became OUR dog.  He was the sweetest and most protective dog I’ve […]

Of course I love these little ones, they’re mine!  I just get sooo ecstatic when they agree to a photo shoot with me.  When they asked me for these new dresses, I told them I would buy them on ONE condition….they let me take their pictures without any complaining.  It was a deal!  Well, for […]