Baby Darren {Windsor | Santa Rosa, Ca. Newborn Photographer }

I can’t say enough kind things about this family!  I just adore them!!  Darren’s grandma, Dawn,  is a friend and coworker, she knits me hats, diaper covers, blankets, and anything else I ask for to use during my newborn sessions.  She is AWESOME, she can knit anything.  All of us at work are in awe of what she can do with a pair of knitting needles and some yarn.  Dawn’s daughter, Jessica, has just had her third baby, and she is pretty awesome too!  She is funny, kind, a wonderful mom, and an animal lover (she’s a veterinarian).  Jessica’s husband is a rugby player so he brought along a rugby ball to use during the session.  I love how that picture came out.  We had so much fun during Darren’s newborn session, and so did my little guy, he had two playmates, Darren’s older brother and sister, to keep him entertained.  I can’t wait to get my little man together with Jessica, Dawn, and their family again.


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