Calhoun Wedding

Did I tell you guys my niece got married?! My beautiful niece Emily married the love her life, Bryan. My whole family travelled to Graeagle, California for her wedding. It was my first time exploring this part of Northern California, so I decided to bring my big camera. I NEVER bring my big camera anywhere except to photo sessions, but since we were going to a different place and I figured we would be going on a hike or walking around the tiny town, I thought it would be fun to get some great shots with more than just my phone camera. Well, God must have been telling me to bring my camera because on the morning of the wedding I got a frantic call from my sister saying the photographer’s second shooter just canceled. She asks “Cha, (my sisters call me Cha), did you happen to bring your camera?” I said yes, why? And she tells me the photographer needs a second shooter for the ceremony and could I help her out. So I came in clutch with my Canon R6 and got some shots of the ceremony and some pictures of my family that I get to keep for myself. I was so happy to help.

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