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This was the most unconventional wedding I’ve ever attended or photographed. The bride and groom wanted to make sure all their guests had plenty of wine, food, company, and laughs. Instead of all of the traditional, planned wedding day moments, the entire pre ceremony was a long cocktail hour, followed by a short ceremony in front of the fireplace at a GORGEOUS home the groom designed. Afterwards, we all hiked down a trail of redwood trees to a golden lit wine cave where the guests enjoyed an exquisite chef-prepared dinner. This is when I got to dig in as well; THE FOOD! OMG you guys, it was delicious beyond words. If I wasn’t sitting on dish crates in the back of a wine cave surrounded by rental equipment, I would have thought I was eating at a Michelin Star rated restaurant. Okay, back to the wedding, after dinner, the microphone made its way around the table and each guest gave a small speech about the bride and groom. I did not know either Kelly or Kent, but I laughed and cried just like everyone else. I wish them all the love and happiness!

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