Lake Tahoe Spring Break {Windsor | Santa Rosa, Ca Photographer}

I look forward to spring break every year because we always go to my happy place, South Lake Tahoe.  It’s so beautiful there, the mountains, the snow, the big blue sky, it’s absolutely gorgeous!  I usually just bring my little point and shoot camera with me so as not to look like a total tourist with a giant Canon camera around my neck, but this year my husband asked me to bring my “good camera”.  Boy, did he regret those words, I took my camera EVERYWHERE!  Even to every restaurant.  I would take pictures of his food and drinks before he was allowed to touch them.  I’m sure the people sitting next to us that I was completely nuts.  Well, maybe I am, but I got some really great pictures of our little vacation.

As you can see, we ate and drank a lot of stuff that was so bad, but so good!

Embassy SuitesLook, it’s Beer-Thirty! Pouting because we wouldn’t let her drink a third Shirley TempleSnowball Fight!My best guy and best girl


This turtle was in our hotel lobby and we had to say “Hi” several times a dayBig girls at their own tableOur favorite Tahoe restaurant

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