It’s fun to play with different editing styles but I don’t get to do it with client’s images since I want them to get the types of images I show on my website.  So, when I want to play, I grab my daughter Bailey, who is always a willing model because she is giant HAM, […]

I absolutely ADORE photographing my daughter, Bailey.  She is a natural model, she loves the camera, and the camera loves her. A few months ago I took my two daughters, Bailey and Ryann, shopping.  They found a rack of extremely marked down prom dresses and the BEGGED me to buy them each one to play […]

Last weekend we decided to take the kids to the beach!  Yay!!  I know, you’re thinking sand toys, bathing suits, sunscreen…Well, if that’s the case, you’ve never been to Bodega Bay.  I don’t think the sun has ever been seen there, well, at least not by me.  It’s always windy and cold.  Oh well, it’s […]

It’s hard to be a Giants fan right now, they were World Series Champions last season and this year they have a losing record.  It’s painful to watch, really.  A couple of weeks ago we scored some awesome seats from a friend I work with, so we gave our kids to Grandma for the day, […]

Of course I love these little ones, they’re mine!  I just get sooo ecstatic when they agree to a photo shoot with me.  When they asked me for these new dresses, I told them I would buy them on ONE condition….they let me take their pictures without any complaining.  It was a deal!  Well, for […]