On a Sunday Afternoon | Windsor | Santa Rosa | Lifestyle Photographer

Not all of my weekends are relaxing, especially the weekends that I have to work.  Since I’m off only every other weekend, we try to cram as much as we can into those days.  Between Bailey’s taekwondo, kids birthday parties, laundry, yard work (okay, I don’t actually do any of that, but Robert sure breaks into a sweat doing it), and grocery shopping, our weekends aren’t always spent with our feet up.  But once in a while, we get that perfect Sunday, and this past Sunday was just that.  We did all of our necessary chores on Saturday, so Sunday was our day of rest, just as God meant it to be.  The house was quiet(ish), after all, the Raiders were playing, as were the San Francisco Giants (they won, yay!!!).  So besides all of the cheering by Robert, the house was calm.  All three kids did their own thing, Bailey read, Ryann drew pictures, and Quinn cruised around chopping things down with his chainsaw and playing with toys.  It was the perfect time for me to grab my camera and document this rare moment of tranquility in the DeMoss household.

To many more relaxing Sundays…

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