It’s hard to be a Giants fan right now, they were World Series Champions last season and this year they have a losing record.  It’s painful to watch, really.  A couple of weeks ago we scored some awesome seats from a friend I work with, so we gave our kids to Grandma for the day, […]

My Dear, Sweet Bailey, Happy birthday Baby Girl!  I can’t believe you are already nine years old!  It’s been said a million times that time flies, but it’s still really hard to accept that sad reality.  This will be your last year as a single digit age, next year is the big 1-0, you are […]

If you are reading this, you found your way to my new and improved website.  Oh, how I love it here, the colors make me smile!  Please take the time to parooze my new galleries in my portfolio.  It is so gratifying for me to see how much I’ve grown in the world of photography.  […]