Happy Birthday Bailey { Windsor | Santa Rosa Child Photographer }

My Dear, Sweet Bailey,

Happy birthday Baby Girl!  I can’t believe you are already nine years old!  It’s been said a million times that time flies, but it’s still really hard to accept that sad reality.  This will be your last year as a single digit age, next year is the big 1-0, you are too grown up for my taste already, 1o is really going to be a tough one to swallow.  I want you to know how proud I am of you for all of your accomplishments.  You are such an intelligent little girl, you amaze me everyday with the wealth of knowledge that you keep stored in your noggin.  I love our drives to school when you tell me about all of the planets and explain to me the characteristics that make each one unique.  Or when out of the blue, you start telling me exactly how spiders make their webs, or the bite radius of a great white shark.  Your photographic memory just blows me away and I am constantly bragging about you to my friends at work.  I want you to know I wasn’t surprised at all when the principal from your school called me at the beginning of the year to tell me she wanted to move you to the GATE classroom.  The awesome thing is, your teacher tells me that you whiz through all of your class assignments.  You are so incredible Bailey!  Your love of books is really what makes me most proud.  You are just like me, a big reader.  You blast through books so fast I’m going to have to build a library onto our house.  I love how you get so sucked into a book that the world around you is just background noise.  Ryann and Quinn could be having a wrestling match right in front of you, but your nose will still be tucked into your book.

I’m so excited for what this next year will bring you.  Maybe a black belt?  You are so close!   I know we push you at Taekwondo, and sometimes you don’t want to go, but you are doing so well and so close to your goal.  Keep up the hard work and you will be the next super hero.


I love you so much Bailey,



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