San Francisco Giants Fans Enter Here! { Windsor | Santa Rosa Area Photographer }

It’s hard to be a Giants fan right now, they were World Series Champions last season and this year they have a losing record.  It’s painful to watch, really.  A couple of weeks ago we scored some awesome seats from a friend I work with, so we gave our kids to Grandma for the day, and Robert and I had a date in The City.  We went to the Giants Dugout Store and spent way too much money, then we had lunch at The Public House, the pub attached to AT&T Park where the Giants often have their pre or post-game radio shows.  The game was an utter disappointment.  They played the Dodgers (BOO!!!!) and had their butts handed to them.  It was like watching the Keystone Cops, they couldn’t make a play to save their lives, or the game.  They lost 10-1, OUCH!  We left in the eighth inning because our hearts and our eyes couldn’t take much more of a beating.  It was still a fun day spent in the city without three kids.  We’ll have to do it more often.

Juan Marichal Hall of Fame Pitcher

Willie McCovey Statue in McCovey Cove/China Basin

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