Bailey, my beautiful, vivacious daughter {Windsor | Santa Rosa | Child Photographer}

I absolutely ADORE photographing my daughter, Bailey.  She is a natural model, she loves the camera, and the camera loves her.

A few months ago I took my two daughters, Bailey and Ryann, shopping.  They found a rack of extremely marked down prom dresses and the BEGGED me to buy them each one to play dress up.  Well, when I saw the price tag of $6 I couldn’t resist.  My only condition was they had to promise they would let me take their pictures in their new fancy dresses.  I knew Bailey would jump at the chance to dress up for pictures, Ryann, on the other hand, took a little more prodding.

A couple of weeks after the dress purchase, Bailey had her braces removed.  After two long years of having a shiny metal smile, she couldn’t wait to have me take her picture sans braces.  So we thought it was the perfect time to put on a little lip gloss and dress up in her prom dress.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, no, they don’t make prom dresses for 10 year-old girls, I bought size XS and then used my backdrop clamps to hold the extra fabric tight around her chest.

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