Even though they make me want to rip my hair out at times, nobody can make me smile like these 3 little monkeys!  I’m so in love with the picture of all of them together.  This is the first picture I have of all 3 looking and smiling at the same time.  I’m sure this […]

I look forward to spring break every year because we always go to my happy place, South Lake Tahoe.  It’s so beautiful there, the mountains, the snow, the big blue sky, it’s absolutely gorgeous!  I usually just bring my little point and shoot camera with me so as not to look like a total tourist […]

My sister Candi gave my girls this little red piano when they were little.  When they got bigger and their room became crowed with 2 twin beds and toy boxes, the piano was put up in the closet.  I spied the cute little piano the other day and thought Quinn would love to bang on […]

At least once a day, Quinn brings me my phone and says “dance party!”  Every few weeks he has a new favorite song he wants to shake his groove thing to.  A couple of months ago it was “Gangnam Style”, currently, his go to song is “Dont Stop the Party” by Pitbull.  So I happily […]