Dancing Machine { Windsor | Santa Rosa Child Photographer }

At least once a day, Quinn brings me my phone and says “dance party!”  Every few weeks he has a new favorite song he wants to shake his groove thing to.  A couple of months ago it was “Gangnam Style”, currently, his go to song is “Dont Stop the Party” by Pitbull.  So I happily oblige him and turn up the music loud and we get down like nobody’s business.  I usually dance along, it’s a fun way to burn off my morning snacks, but sometimes I take video for blackmail purposes in the future.  Plus, Quinn loves to watch videos of himself, it’s a great way to keep him occupied while I’m trying to get things done.  I snapped a few photos of him dancing his little heart out the other morning.  Man, he makes me smile!

He’s just getting warmed up here

Look at that intense dancing concentration

Catching Air

Resting after all that exercise

Just some pretty window light

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